For Basketball Players

It doesn’t matter if you are just coming out of college or if you have three years of professional basketball under your belt, YOU NEED TEAM CONTACTS…We only want those passionate about their careers and who are willing to do what it takes to succeed.

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For Basketball Agents

How would you like to get full credit from the basketball leads that you acquire by using the Pro Basketball Team Contacts? As you begin to finalize and close the contract imagine all of it being yours.

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Organized Team Information

Pro Contacts is a database of international basketball teams contact information. Included in each league: Team Logo, Team Name, Address, Telephone, Fax, Email and Website Address (all if available)

Worldwide Contacts

At your finger tips you will…get access to hundreds of basketball teams worldwide and more. We have done the dirty work of finding international teams. Pro Contacts is an invaluable time saver and the answers to all of your questions.

2013-2014 Basketball Overseas

Pro Team Contacts 2013-2014 Full Seasons

Guaranteed For You

Use the Basketball Team Contacts and apply it to your professional career, and if you feel it has not put you closer to your goals, then simply write us, and we’ll send you a refund with no questions asked, 100% refund.

Why Use Pro Contacts?

The internet is a great place to start searching for this type of information but it takes time and time is valuable when you are searching for teams and international contacts. However, it can be extremely hard to find basketball teams all over the world because there are over hundreds of different languages that you could never understand.

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A Few Happy Customers

You have really been a blessing to the Dallas Diesel Basketball Club."" has been the best tool for our club. Thanks!
Willie McCray - WBCBL, Dallas Diesel  -
Sylita, Thanks for the excellent customer service I had a problem with my account and you fixed it within seconds. I highly recommend your service to anyone.Thanks
George Burgess  -
Thanks to your Basketball-Overseas website and news letter tips, I have gone from being overlooked to recieving contract offers from top divisions in Europe like the Adriatic League.
Jacient Winfield