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Access to hundreds of overseas basketball contacts: email, address, fax , website and more!


The internet is a great place to start searching for this type of information but it takes time and time is valuable when you are searching for teams and international contacts. However, it can be extremely hard to find basketball
teams all over the world because there are over hundreds of different languages that you could never understand.

After spending time overseas during my first couple of seasons I could almost visit any country and get an understanding of newspapers and the language without knowing one word of the language. That brought me to realize that I had a gift and it could help me find information more quickly and efficiently.

So, What I have put together is an invaluable time saver and the answers to all of your questions. At your finger tips you will…get access to hundreds of basketball teams worldwide and more.


  • Learn how to put together an appropriate basketball profile!
  • Learn the secrets to writing the perfect email that teams won’t be able to resist!
  • Learn how to send highlight films cheap!
  • Learn how to send free faxes and call internationally cheap
  • Get Basketball Contacts Europe 2014-2015
  • Get Basketball Contacts Europe 2014-2015
  • Get all of the NBA Contacts 2014-2015
  • Get all of the NBDL Contacts 2014-2015
  • Get all of the CBA Contacts 2014-2015
  • Get all of the USBL Contacts 2014-2015
  • Get all of WNBA Contacts 2014-2015
  • Clearance Letter Application
  • Get an Extra Surprise Bonus!!


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