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know exactly what you are going through. As a basketball player coming out of college I turned to the internet in search of answers to start my basketball career. Do you find it hard to contact good basketball agents? Do you find it hard to contact good basketball teams? Do you get tired of searching relentlessly through the internet for this information?Let’s face it.

If you are a player -> You are not alone

The internet is a great place to start searching for this type of information but it takes time and time is valuable when you are searching for teams and international contacts. However, it can be extremely hard to find basketball teams all over the world because there are over hundreds of different languages that you could never understand.

I know I couldn’t. After spending time overseas during my first couple of seasons I could almost visit any country and get an understanding of newspapers and the language without knowing one word of the language. That brought me to realize that I had a gift and it could help me find information more quickly and efficiently.

Then one day, BAM, it hit me. I started to search the internet for team basketball websites with the skills that I had in real life to find my way. It was not easy to start but after going at it again and again I found dozens of team websites.

I thought to myself I know so many people that would benefit from having team contacts at the tips of their fingertips anytime they wanted and anywhere they wanted.

So, What I have put together is an invaluable time saver and the answers to all of your questions. At your finger tips you will…

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 Get Basketball Contacts Europe

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Here’s a sample….
From the Men’s Contacts

Are you having doubts about a contract that someone sent you? Here is proof of a solid contract

The problem with most contracts is the language and the fine detail that could be hard to understand. Since contracts are binding it is best to make the right decision based on information that is fair for both parties and correct from a legal standpoint. If you go about signing with a team why not have a guide so you will not get into situation that YOU will REGRET.

How will you benefit from this resources?

It doesn’t matter if you are just coming out of college or if you have three years of professional basketball under your belt, YOU NEED TEAM CONTACTS…Why? Imagine this..

Scenerio A

Status: Recent college graduate
Name: Bradley Williams

It was July 31st, three months after Bradley’s last NCAA basketball game and still no leads to play basketball overseas. After attempting to contact various agents of whom he was recommended no one can help him. Bradley was given the run around but he didn’t give up. He began to search the internet for basketball teams in Europe and thought it would be a great idea to contact them directly.

In his early attempts he did not really know what to say, what to write, what to expect and the responses he was looking for. Then one day he came across and it was the answer to all of his prayers and burdens of frustration.

Pro Basketball Team Contacts provided him with a much better understanding of how to land his first contract overseas. Although, not easy he searched the team websites in the Basketball Overseas Ebook, then made calls to various teams and organizations. Not all responded back but he did get great feedback and eventually landed a contract in Europe.

Bradley had all the tools available to contact basketball teams directly: sending an appropriate profile, well-formatted email, video presentation, discounted phone calls, free faxes and confidence!

Scenerio B

Status: Professional Player 4 Years
Name: Chantie Allen

In Luxembourg, during the middle of her 5th year playing professional basketball overseas, Chantie became very unhappy with the organizations inability to pay her every payday. Chantie was very understanding during the first couple of months because she was recommended to the team by a former player who said the team treated them right and to expect the same with her.

However, she knew that she could only take so much. Playing without pay was hurting her pockets and social activities. Chantie took action and began to search the internet for advice. She was advised not to leave right away until she made contacts with teams who had a place available for a foreign player.

After receiving this word of advice, Chantie found it very difficult contacting other teams close to Luxembourg. Then she took her research quest online and found After purchasing Pro Basketball Team Contacts she found a team in Czech Republic who paid her more than the team in Luxembourg. Chantie was very excited and left the team after two weeks of negotiation with the contract release form.

Note: Names and Countries are not actual

Both Scenerios Needed A Basketball Team Reference To Find Appropriate Teams

 No Matter Where You Are No Matter How Much Experience

 No Matter If You Have An Agent

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